Ben Roth Design

Moran with Snow

Custom artist jackson hole

Moran with Snow – 4′ x 6′ x 32″ powder coated steel screen mountain sculpture that hangs in space. Other mountains available via commission.
This is my second attempt at Mt. Moran. The first, created 12 years ago, was done with layers of steel traced from a topographic map but it didn’t show enough detail to make it identifiable. The screen allows me to include every spire, ridge, couloir and glacier field. The original plan was to powder coat it white and then paint in the grey, vertical rock faces. However, seeing it hanging in my shop at first light, I decided that all white was just right. The storm came in wet.

This custom sculpture of Mt. Moran can be viewed in the Center for the Arts in Jackson Hole.  Photo credit: Jonathan Crosby