Ben Roth Design

Spoonful of Sugar

Last week was fun. The Jessica Rutzick and Associates law firm hired me to make a bra for Bras for the Cause, a fundraiser to fight breast cancer. I was using a homemade mannequin to get the design right when my friend, Audrey Smith, stopped by for a visit. She said that the dimensions were all wrong and that I needed a real model. I quickly agreed and asked if she would help. She’s always game and likes to participate in art projects, so she said “yes”.

First we made a mold of her chest and it went well (first image). Unfortunately, I used her very nice yoga tank top as a rag while hurrying to apply the last round of plaster. I owe her a new one.

From there, I poured plaster into the relief mold and made a copy on which I could weld the spoons to her dimensions. Then on Friday, I bent the piece onto her body and we had a photo shoot with David Gonzales (second image).

The auction is May 12 at the Silver Dollar Bar in Jackson, Wyoming.