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When Pigs Fly

I just mailed my most recent sculpture down to Vail for an Art Auction on Feb. 15. The event is invitational and is based on the theme of sleds.

Most participating artists paint or transpose an image onto the surface of a sled and the work is shown as a wall hung piece of art. I’ve been more interested in sculpture of late, so I asked if I could go 3D.

I’m not sure what first made me think “pig” but I quickly thought of Maxwell from Gaicco commercials. I started out trying to make a reclining pig but couldn’t get it to work. I think my sub conscience was’t comfortable copying a mass media/marketing image, so i slowed down the “speed” of the sled from “careening” to “exciting” and created a sitting pig with a smile and scarf flapping in the wind.

Molly Eppard, the Public Art Director for the town of Vail, suggested the red scarf. Brilliant…thanks Molly.

Failed first attempt

Failed first attempt