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Roam Free – Jackson Hole Sculpture

This Spring I was commissioned by the Roadhouse Brewery to make a piece of Jackson Hole sculpture that represents their brand and philosophy for the Amber Waves Beer Fest in Washington, D.C.

We settled on a bison skull fabricated with hammered bronze and amber colored resin horns. The metal represented the plates of the skull well and polished beautifully to a chrome finish. I’d not cast in resin before and learned a lot in the process. There were some setbacks but I was pleased with how they turned out.

The coolest technique I learned involved a two-part rubberized epoxy for molding the teeth. My friend, Katherine Donnan, a jewelry artist, loaned me some tools and let me try the mold making material. You basically start out with two colors of silly putty, mix them together and then mold them around a form in under 30 seconds. The pieces cure in 17 minutes and you’re ready to pour in the resin. The flexible nature of the mold allows for easy extraction.

The skull is on display at the Q Roadhouse on Teton Village Road.

Roam Free in Progress - example of Jackson Hole Sculpture

I pulled my patterns from a real skull using tin foil and then traced them onto the bonze sheets for cutting.

Roam Free covered in metal - example of Jackson Hole Sculpture

I used an nematic hammer, English wheel, grinder and welder to shape the plates.

Creating Roam Free for Roadhouse Brewery

I loved this mold making material – so fast and clean.

Making Roam Free's Resin teeth from rubber molds.

Resin teeth from rubber molds.

Roam Free completed

Final shot taken by David Swift. The metal is yellower than it appears in this photo.