Ben Roth Design

Latest Installation: Vail Welcome Center

Ben Roth is on the road to install more great art!

He left Jackson on Monday morning heading for Vail, CO with the Elk Mount. The Vail Welcome Center is the central hub of information in Vail. With Vail already open, Ben’s piece will be seen by thousands of skiers and visitors.

We caught a glimpse of Ben’s elk earlier this week when he revealed the first antler. The sculpture is made out of hardware cloth–which is a kind of wire mesh–which is then rusted for a distinctive patina. Last week, all we saw of the sculpture was this:

Antler in Progress

Which evolved into this full elk mount, with antlers:

Elk Mount

And eventually into this piece, where the rusted patina is more apparent:

Elk Mount.Vail Prep

At this point, it was ready for travel and installation so Ben loaded it into the van and hit the road. After 8 hours and a seamless installation, the new welcome center at Vail welcomed its very own Ben Roth sculpture. Installed late yesterday, the Elk Mount is a perfect addition to the Welcome Center.

Elk Mount Installed

This is not the first environmentally focused sculpture that Ben has installed in Vail. His pine beetle art, installed in the summer of 2010, highlighted the impact of the pine bark beetle infestation on Colorado’s fragile forests. As part of Vail’s “Art in Public Places” Initiative, “The Singing Trees” was the first of its kind environmental art installation and demonstrated the power of art to shine light on pressing environmental issues like climate change.

An additional Ben Roth sculpture was also installed a few years ago outside of the welcome center in Vail.