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Ben Roth Biography – My Life As An Artist

Ben Roth

I have been a student, traveler, adventurer, restaurateur, and artist. In art I found my path. I enjoy the exploration process of my ideas and their eventual prototyping and creation from raw materials and found objects.

I discovered my medium while building restaurants. Although I studied some art in college, it wasn’t until I began to design and build with metal that I realized where I wished to focus my energy.

The past few years, during which I have lived and worked as an artist, have proved to be a satisfying and continuing education. I’ve learned that clay, plaster, glass, wood, fiberglass, iron, steel, and bronze all work beautifully to give life to my ideas. I am now sculpting, building furniture, making wall-hung art and teaching young people art design and construction here in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

This web site is designed to introduce you to my work. I hope you share some of my enthusiasm for materials, design, and form. If you are interested in my work, please contact me. I’d be happy to discuss it with you.